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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The ways of falling in love and engaging with others have changed over time. I would say that these days are easier in a sense, but also more demanding and this implies a problem for some people.

After having a relationship, sometimes the person does not have the tools to solve the problems and difficulties that arise (sometimes very simple) since many times the advice of family and friends makes everything more difficult.

If people are educated and look for information relevant to their needs or problem in the right place, discussions, and conflicts in couples can be prevented.

Other times they eat mistakes that bring the relationship to an end. If you have enough information to help you understand the conflict, what to change and how to do it, it is very possible that the relationship can be recovered. Although it should be taken into account that not all cases are the same.

Besides, some people find it difficult to have or maintain a relationship. It is very likely that you are doing things or stop doing others, which could help you with your problem.

For the reasons mentioned above, here is a list of books eBooks that could help overcome some relational conflicts with the couple, ex, or to have a new partner.

1- His Secret Obsession (For women).

2- Text Chemistry: Use texts to make men love you (For women).

3- The Ex-Factor Guide.

4- Attract Men/Women/Get Your Ex Back.

5- Dating Tips.

6- Save the Marriage System.

7- The Relationship Rewrite Method.

8- Revolutionary Sex.

9- Text Your Ex Back.

10- Oral Sex for Women.

11- The Bonding Stages.

12- Special for women.

13- Love Commands.

14- Secrets Men Don't Want Women to Know.

15- Teaching Women How to be a Handjob Genius.

16- Text the Romance Back.

17- Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, Keep Her Coming (For Men).

18- What Men Secretly Want.

19- How To Have Effortless Conversations With Any Woman... (For Shy Men).

20- Respark the Romance.

21- Lovetraction Lines.

22- Hook Your Ex.

23- Never Lose Him/Unlock His Heart. (For Women).

24- Language of Lust.

25- Turn Your Wife Into Your Personal Sex Kitten (For Men).

26- The Woman Men Adore.

27- Body Language Mastery Course (For Men).

28- The Language of Desire.

29- Manifestation Miracle.

30- The Devotion System.

31- Best Seller Ejaculation Guide.

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